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Tile & Porcelain 

Inspection + Written Report

We conduct an on-site inspection complete with relative humidity, temperature, moisture content of floor, wood sub-floor readings, nailing patterns to determine if your floor was properly nailed, inspect for adequate expansion space, determine if your flooring was properly acclimated to in-use conditions, and note the overall conditions of your hardwood floor.

Documentation of all problems in a certified narrative report with digital photographs. This report includes reference to manufacturer's instructions as well as standards written by the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA).


Inspection + Analytical Report





• Mileage outside service zone - $1.00 (per mile)
• In-Court testimony - $500.00 (per 1/2 day)

• Other applicable expenses such as airfare, hotel, parking fees, tolls, phone charges, postage, handling, etc. - Actual cost

• ASTM testing through Professional Testing Laboratory -

Cost + 25% (plus shipping cost)

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