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We conduct an on-site inspection of your carpet and document all problems in a certified narrative report with digital photographs included...

Hard Surface Inspection

Hard surface inspections include hardwood, laminate, sheet vinyl, LVT + LVP. Learn more about each inspection by clicking below

Tile & Porcelian Inspection

Tile & Porcelain inspections require more specifics to be completed please feel free to contact us on our pricing and details. 


Details and pricing for all services us here at DFCII provide. In depth explanation of the process for each different inspection. Pricing and fees vary per inspection type. Please read all info on the inspection you are looking for before contacting. Also take a look at our free travel zone, and any miscellaneous fees that might apply to you depending on the circumstance





• Mileage outside service zone - $1.00 (per mile)
• In-Court testimony - $500.00 (per 1/2 day)

• Other applicable expenses such as airfare, hotel, parking fees, tolls, phone charges, postage, handling, etc. - Actual cost

• ASTM testing through Professional Testing Laboratory -

Cost + 25% (plus shipping cost)

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